The Unseen World

The Unseen World We Live In… Is it real?

If you simply took the world at face value you could be forgiven for thinking that everything you see is real… However, 75% of what you see is NOT REAL and 100% of what you “can’t see” is VERY REAL.

I admit, the above statement is a pretty “out there” kind of conversation and concept- but that doesn’t mean it’s not real…  But rather than overwhelm you with a big conversation about it – today I thought I would do a few simple one liners to give you something to think about.

Here’s Food For Thought:

  • You cannot see the wind blowing through the trees… but in a cyclone, the wind can destroy everything (including you)!
  • When someone has cancer, you cannot see the illness growing in their bodies… but its so serious, it’s attempting to take their lives!
  • No-one can see the O2 (oxygen) composition in the air – but its obviously there.
  • No-one has ever been able to see the way the sun makes the plants grow – but they’re growing bigger every day.
  • No-one has ever seen the first starting wave, that makes the ocean have its waves in the first place.
  • No-one can see the energy called “Love” (even though you may sense it and even experience it as very real)
  • No-one has ever seen the energy called “Hate” (even though you may definitely have sensed it and experienced it!)
  • No-one can see the true meaning (or dynamic) behind another persons words…
  • No-one can see a puppy or a kitten or a human being grow – but they are growing every day.
  • No-one can see the blood running through our veins – and yet we know its happening.
  • No-one can see the heart pumping (and yet it keeps us alive)
  • No-one can see the common cold germs floating through the air… (and don’t we wish we could…)

Everything in this world and universe, exist at both the Seen and an Unseen Levels at the same time…
Just because you cannot see something… does not mean it doesn’t exist!
In fact, the Unseen can sometimes be much more powerful than the Seen levels of life….

(and those who have a healthy respect for this… can sometimes live longer) 🙂