Feng Shui for Wealth


In Feng Shui, Money is a sign of having knowledge and mastering this prowess. After all, nothing speaks louder than the proof you have when your finances can back up the efforts you’ve made.

But having Money is more than that. Its a sign that our Feng Shui fortunes are good, that Lady Luck is with us and most important of all… Its the sign that we have a certain amount of mastery over ourselves to manage it, master it and keep it.

Even though money isn’t everything (and there are a lot of unhappy wealthy people who prove this point), money does make the world go around easier and this is why people seek it.

In the Flying Stars Method of Feng Shui there are two unseen energies within any building that can stimulate our money luck when the conditions are right. If you know where these two energies are in your building, any of the following remedies accurately positioned will work wonders. If you don’t know where the Money Luck lies in your building, you can still position these remedies (with the exception of the elephants) as per the descriptions.

May your Money Luck (and all the other Fortune in your Life) be Great! :-) Feng Shui for Wealth Feng Shui for Wealth icon smile