Art of Remedies


The Art of Remedies – How to make your Home Happy

How Do Feng Shui Masters apply Feng Shui Cures and Remedies to their Consultations?

The World of Feng Shui Cures and Remedies has many layers of learning.  In the entire time I have been consulting I cannot recall ever being bored with designing the right Feng Shui remedy.  Every Feng Shui Consultation is its own adventure.

  • You can use Feng Shui remedies to enhance any aspect of life:
  • You can boost love, romance and attract better relationships;
  • You can make yourself healthier
  • You can boost the general harmony energies within your home;
  • You can help family members to connect more positively;
  • You can activate the prosperity energy within your home;

Feng Shui helps us to realize our highest potentials because we activate our personal destiny at a greater level.

Here are the 8 most common ways we use Feng Shui Remedies and Cures:

  1. Architectural Design When we use Architectural Design as the foundation for Design Layout (i.e. the flow of the home and where specific rooms are positioned) it creates very positive Ch’i. Then afterwards there will be a few Feng Shui Cures and Remedies needed in specific places to negate negative energies once the building is finished.
  2. Structural Corrections – The Feng Shui Cure or Remedy could be a Structural Correction.  So this means we are changing something elementary in the structure of the home to correct a feature or activate a feature and this activation will create good Feng Shui.
  3. Building Materials – Sometimes the right Feng Shui Cure or Remedy could be the actual Building Materials that are used.  So positioning these in the right spot activates good Feng Shui.
  4. Your Positioning – The Way You are Positioned within the Building could be the actual Feng Shui Remedy or Cure
  5. Furniture Arrangements – The Furniture Arrangements and how a room or space is laid out could be the Feng Shui Cure or Remedy
  6. Feng Shui Objects – It’s very common to add special Feng Shui Objects, to correct or enhance something; for example, adding brass chimes
  7. The Five Elements – Sometimes we need to make a special arrangement of the Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood) to remedy or cure an area of the building.
  8. Interior Design Features – Finally, Interior Design Features – such as a feature wall or enhanced lighting in a specific area could be the actual Feng Shui Cure and Remedy


The real art and science of adding Feng Shui remedies is blending the actual criteria of the remedy with the styles you already have in your home.  For instance, let’s say you need metal remedies…  Well as long as they are made from metal, in the right type of metal (ie bronze or brass, or copper) and they friendly (ie no sharp pointy edges or not hostile) you can pretty well choose anything that suits your style..  🙂