Table of Contents

[subtitle]Feng Shui the Perfect Arrangement – Table of Contents [/subtitle]

Want to know what’s behind the front cover of Gayle’s Book: Feng Shui the Perfect Arrangement? 
Here is the Table of Contents to look through:


Table of Contents

i.    Acknowledgments

ii.   Foreword from Master Raymond Lo
      Foreword from Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai                        

iii.   About Master Lo and Grand Master Yap

The Ancient Science of Feng Shui

1.    What is Feng Shui?
2.    Applications of Feng Shui
3.    About Feng Shui practice
4.    The way the Chinese view Feng Shui

Life Force Energy

5.    The Different Types of Life Force Energy
6.    The Five Elements
7.    Yin and Yang
8.    Feng Shui theories – a summary

Creating the Perfect Arrangement

9.    The Perfect Arrangement
10.    The Five Celestial Animals
11.    Your Backing

The Secret to Good Feng Shui – Holding the Life Force Energy

12.    Holding the Life Force Energy
13.    The Floors
14.    Ceilings
15.    Hallways
16.    Stairs

The House

17.    The House
18.    The Front Door
19.    Kitchen and Stove
20.    Living Rooms
21.    Bedrooms
22.    Bathrooms
23.    Furniture Arrangements
24.    The Art of Placement
25.    The Heart of the Home
26.    Building Shapes

External Environments

27.    Streets and Waterways
28.    External Configurations in the Environment
29.    The Garden

Feng Shui Miscellaneous

30.    Cutting Chi
31.    Feng Shui Remedies
32.    Water
33.    Mirrors
34.    Lighting and Colour
35.    Numbers, Names and Sounds

Other Layers of Feng Shui

36.    The Luck of Buildings
37.    Renovating and Building
38.    The Predecessor Laws
39.    Chinese Astrology
40.    The Southern Hemisphere
41.    The Influence of Age and Time


42.    Piecing it all together

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