What Others Say

What Do Others Say About Gayle’s Book

Master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong)
“An innovative work on the “Seen” and “Unseen” aspects of Feng Shui. Gayle is the first westerner who learned ‘Flying Stars’ and ‘Four Pillars of Destiny’ from me. She is like “the Fox Mulder of the Feng Shui profession” and she has become a well-respected, International Practitioner and Teacher.

Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai (Malaysia)
“This book has clear and concise explanations of the Feng Shui applications that the Chinese people still use today. A spectacular blend of information and practical experience”

Siimon Reynolds (Advertising Entrepreneur)
“I believe that Feng Shui has significantly improved my levels of success and happiness. This book is an excellent guide to making your dreams a reality”

Dr Anne Summers (Author & Journalist)
“With Gayle Atherton’s invaluable book we finally have a clear and comprehensive account of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui from a woman who really knows what she is talking about. Gayle takes us easily through the steps required to harness good life force energy and banish the negative in order to achieve perfect balance in our lives”

Barbara McGregor (Publisher, WellBeing Magazine)
“Gayle’s command of the technicalities of traditional Feng Shui far surpasses other Western authors. For those wanting to understand all the elements of affecting the Feng Shui of a house or office, The Perfect Arrangement is a very thorough primer”