Feng Shui Cures Tips and FAQs


Frequently Asked… And Much Loved Feng Shui Question’s, Tips and General Discussions

Here’s a List of the Most Popular Questions we’re asked regularly

Q:   What if I don’t want Chinese things in my home?

A:   Well actually, even the Chinese don’t have Chinese things in their homes. In fact, right throughout Hong Kong, Feng Shui is extensively used and yet, no-where will you find tinky wind chimes or the ‘eight treasures’ talisman…

What you will find is elaborate arrangements of metal features, beautifully adorned fountains, exquisite collections of red decorative objects – these are the items the Chinese use.

This is not to say that you wouldn’t need a wind chime or that we wouldn’t want to position something in a particular way. It’s just that often there are many options and blending Feng Shui remedies with the items that people normally use in their homes is the first choice.

Q:   What bearing does the interior design have on a building ?

A:   The overall interior design has a very important bearing in Feng Shui. Just as there are combinations of shapes, colours and themes that can enhance the Feng Shui potential, these same features can also reduce the buildings potential if they are a) in the wrong spot b) activating a negative influence or c) reducing the potential of a good influence.

Q:   Does this mean I will have to change everything in my house ?

A:   No. Sometimes its the simple additions that can change negative Feng Shui influences not the big things. Every house is different.

Q:   Aren’t all water features good in Feng Shui ?

A:   Definitely not !! Some buildings can have much better Feng Shui without water. In these type of buildings to place water features, especially into certain areas of a building can actually bring bad Feng Shui.

Q:   If I have my Feng Shui done, can I still have the objects and things that I like in my house ?

A:   Absolutely (unless your living in the house of horrors wax museum!). Adding Feng Shui to your life does not mean you have to have a house full of Chinese Feng Shui cures. In fact, in Asia, even the Chinese do not use Chinese remedies!! In a Feng Shui consultation there are often so many different remedies to choose from, you basically need to work with your consultant so that you can select your remedies according to the Feng Shui criteria and your own sense of aesthetics.

Q:   Is Feng Shui easy to implement ?

A:   Usually yes. Unless your consultant has made a suggestion you may need to think about or work towards. For example, they may have discovered that if you opened up a certain area of your building up it would double your prosperity. If your short on cash, but you like the idea then you may need to think about it or work towards it. The majority of Feng Shui consultations have easy remedies to implement.

Q:   I have read a lot of books about Feng Shui and I find myself totally confused…

A:   Yes – believe me – I talk to a lot of people with this very same problem.  The truth is: some books are better than others.  Some of the books available in English now have a cross section of different schools of Feng Shui and they are all jumbled in together.  The more common applications of Feng Shui (practiced in Asia) are extremely difficult to translate and interpretation wise they’re not translated into English book form so it’s hard for Westerners to know how the Chinese use Feng Shui. In reality, its like writing a book about brain surgery. Your consultant needs to have learnt with someone who has studied properly.

Q:   How can I know how to choose a good Feng Shui consultant ?

A:   Good question. Feng Shui is a specialized science. It takes many years to study properly and it incorporates all sorts of Feng Shui astrology, Chinese astrology (for the building, the person), etc, as well as a solid method of being able to observe natures forces.

I will say avoid having Feng Shui done by someone who has studied via a book or just done a few weekend courses.  Real Feng Shui Training takes time and application.  You need to be able to trust someone’s expertise – especially if your going to be spending money based on their recommendations. You need to look to their track record of success.  Definitely don’t go with the cheapest quote!

Q:   What type of return can I expect from a Feng Shui consultation ?

A:   This is the question everyone wants to know but it’s hard to answer.  Hopefully you understand by now that unseen and seen influences have a large bearing in any building.

In my career, I have seen people completely change their lives overnight and make millions of dollars after being close to bankruptcy only weeks before. For others I have seen their standard of life and their opportunities improve significantly, over time, in all areas of their lives. Usually Feng Shui brings some sort of an improvement to your quality of life.