The Home Office


How Productive are you?  Today I’m talking about Feng Shui in the Home Office and I LUV setting up Feng Shui in the Home Office…  Actually I work from one myself so I’m really in touch with how important these places can be.

I’m a firm believer that Feng Shui for the Home Office requires a particularly specialized and versatile mindset (no stuck attitudes here).

This room, which is in an otherwise relaxed environment, HAS to be configured to be productive.
These days the “virtual office” plays an important role in many households and for many – it’s the new preferred office (don’t make me leave my home!).

Besides being a “comfortable” working haven (but not too comfortable), it must be a functional and productive work space and it must be able to bring in the money… So how do we ensure the greatest success in our Home Office arrangements?  Here’s a couple of Tips:

  1. Yes, you really do need your back up against the wall – it’s the most powerful placement for bouncing ideas, getting through a workload quickly, spending some private time and generally enjoying your home office.  Its supporting you.  If you have your back to a window or the door into the room, it can mess with your concentration powers and you may not end up doing the work you want to do.
  2. I really feel that if the Home office is too cluttered (and mine is usually always on the verge!!) it does affect your ability to complete projects.  Also I’ve noticed you can attract a lot more obstacles if you have clutter.  Free yourself from clutter regularly.  Actually I have a friend come in who is an absolute minimalist and she comes in and shaves my office down on a regular basis.  I love it when she comes.  It frees my soul (and gives her the shudders whilst she’s with me – hehe 🙂 and let’s me fly!
  3. Being around a blend of color is always quite freeing I feel.  Whether its a bunch of flowers or papers on your desk, seeing these things out of the corner of your eye is really refreshing.
  4. Keep your desk minimalistic where possible.  I’ve noticed that when people don’t have mounts of stuff in front of them they can feel really free and light.  Make an effort to do this once a week at least and consider it to be as important as the vacuuming.