Mastering Your Knowledge


Mastering Knowledge to Enhance Skills and Awareness with Feng Shui…

In Feng Shui, being Knowledgeable is not just a question of being intellectually adept or getting good results in your university exams… you actually need to be a master of that knowledge as well.

Being knowledgeable is also directly linked to the level of inner awareness you have about life, yourself, others and the environment you’re in.  It’s like your own unique blend of street wise – but of course it’s more than that.

The way we use our mastery of knowledge allows us to create prosperity and the things we desire.

Essentially we use our Knowledge to build and strengthen Wealth, Relationships & Love, Family, Health and Career.  However often, we don’t regard our knowledge as valuable and so we actually let it slip away – even after it has shown us good results and so this is like a lack of knowledge about ourselves.

When we do not have that valuable “self-knowledge” we have not fully mastered our ability to sustain and receive.   And while not all our perceived problems are created from a lack of knowledge, a great majority of them are – and that’s what makes knowledge a spiritually valuable commodity – which requires many other virtues to sustain it.

Knowledge and in particular self-knowledge has the potential to give us an supreme insight into ourselves, the situations we come across, the people we meet and life in general.  When we honor and harness this inborn ability, it helps keep us out of trouble and enables us to avoid lessons we don’t really need to learn – especially if we truly do “know” the lesson…