Office Consultations


Feng Shui Office Consultation Secrets…  How the Chinese Have Been Using Tiny Feng Shui Tips to Create Prosperous Flowing Environments for Thousands of Years…

When it comes to setting up an office that already exists and empowering it with Feng Shui there are 5 tiny secrets the Chinese refer to in every consultation to do this.  These are:

1.    Explore the strengths of any building (according to the building horoscope) and look at how your particular office and the things you require in your office could thrive if it expanded and maximized these energies (and built the best environment for you).
2.    You MUST explore the weaknesses of your building.  These will be not be obvious and can often go against what you would intuitively plan for in the building.  Often the weaknesses of any building will be inconvenient, annoying and seem futile.  However, if you ignore the weaknesses – they will not go away, instead they will increase.  Eventually it’s possible that these same weaknesses may overturn your efforts in incognito ways.
3.    The in between and every other kind of energy still has the potential to hurt if you become unaware of it.  It needs to be explored thoroughly to ensure it cannot become a weakness.
4.    After you have done all of the above and installed good Feng Shui you then need to turn the focus of all these same principles onto yourself and your management.  For instance you need to explore your strengths, your weaknesses, your in-between elements (that could become a liability) and examine them, re-arrange them, strengthen them or weaken them.  Never stop doing this process.
5.    Each year, the Chinese have a small Feng Shui consultation called Yearly Stars Feng Shui.  They do this prior to the commencement of the Chinese New Year.  This consultation allows them to find out where the negative energies will be in the coming year, and where the positive energies will be.  They use this information to counter-balance their initial Feng Shui and make it stronger.  You should do this too.

What do you need?

  • A current floor plan, showing current layouts and key positions
  • A small introduction that describes each department, key player for that department and environmental needs.
  • Each person’s birth date including the boss and the key players.  Identify the employment department and position held in each department.
  • A Feng Shui inspection of your entire office layout.
  • Allocate time to talk to the Feng Shui Master to develop good Feng Shui in your building, your business and amongst your workers.

What Can You Expect?
Anything really! The Majority of my clients expand their buildings, relocate their businesses, double their staff intakes, buy the building next door, get new businesses invented along the way… 🙂