The Home Office


The Prosperous Home Office. How to Drive Your Dollar Further!

I firmly believe that Feng Shui for the Home Office requires a particularly specialized and versatile mindset.  This room, which is in an otherwise relaxed environment, must be configured to be productive.

These days the “virtual office” plays an important role in many households and for many – it’s the new preferred office.  Besides being a “comfortable” working haven (but not too comfortable), it must be a functional and productive work space and it must be able to bring in the money… So how do we ensure the greatest success in our Home Office arrangements?

In my experience, laying out your home office based on a building horoscope seems to create a lot of harmony and without a doubt it certainly helps the finances. But you also need to create a functional office as well as making sure that the main elements of the office maintain a friendly physical element.

The Home Office needs to:

  1. Have a certain level of vibrancy created in the room
  2. Depending on the type of work you do from there – it needs to have a balance between being peaceful and having a contrasting motivation vibe.
  3. Work out the best positions for equipment, people, functions – so that you can attract the best positive unseen influences.
  4. Every environment needs to cure negative energies in order allow the positive energy to be as effective as is possible.

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