What You Need


What You Need to Have Your Feng Shui Done

What Kind of Things Do I Need to Have Ready For a Feng Shui Consultation?

In Feng Shui, every consultation is unique according to the circumstances… however the things we need to have for each consultation is the same.

In any Feng Shui consultation we examine both the seen and the unseen influences so that we can be really accurate no matter which type of consultation it is.

For instance if we are problem solving bad luck situations, renovating an existing home or office, creating Good Fortune for existing Feng Shui… we need the same information for each of these things and we look into the unseen influences of the building to pin point how to arrange each of these things.

What do I need?

1.    A floor plan of the building (a floor plan layout ‘in scale’ or proper proportion).
2.    You need to know either the approximate time era the building was constructed (see the Feng Shui ‘Eras’ below) or we can use the “Move in Date” of the occupants. Both of these methods have their own merits and can be used to pin-point problems and create good Feng Shui.
3.   The birthdates of all the people who occupy the building.
4.   Time set aside to do your Feng Shui Consultation.  🙂