Building Date vs Move in Date


The Two Schools of Flying Stars Feng Shui… Earth Construction Date vs The Move In Date

The Flying Stars Method is one of the most powerful applications of Feng Shui. It can be used for pin pointing bad luck, negative energies or problems and it can identify the good fortune within a building and help guide a persons future towards their goals.

What very few people realize is that there are two different schools of the Flying Stars Method.
The first school of Flying Star method goes on the “Earth Construction Date” which is: when the building was first constructed (and the people moved in).
The second school of Flying Stars goes on “The Move in Date” of the people ie irrespective of when the building was constructed, this interpretation of the Flying Stars goes on when the people moved in.

So what are the differences and what are the pro’s and con’s for each.


The Earth Construction Date Method

The “Earth Construction Date” method of the Flying Stars is based upon two things:

  1. When the building was actually built (ie the date of completed construction) and,
  2. When the first lot of people moved into the building, so the first people to occupy the building after it was built denotes the “birth” of the building.


In this interpretation, if the building is built in a particular time period – but not occupied… then the building is not “born” until the first people move in.

Essentially, the Earth Construction Date focuses on the enhancement of the “Earth Energies” within the building according to when it was constructed and the first people moved in.

So this in effect states that the energy we can gain from the Ground Chi, Earth Energies, The Chi as a whole, Formations/Configurations/Arrangements of Feng Shui to activate the Earth Luck and Earth Luck has the most bearing on the Feng Shui and upon our fortunes.

In other words, the Feng Shui Master stimulates the “Earth Energies” of the building (according to its alignment/direction on the land and the time era it was built and occupied in), and, the “Earth Energies” of this time era (and building alignment/direction) respond and nourish the good fortune of the people…

Interestingly enough, even in the “Earth Construction Date” method of practicing the Flying Stars, the actual “birth of the building” doesn’t take place until the first people move in… So this means: that the Luck of the Earth has to meet with the Luck of Man in order to activate. In other words, if the building (the earth) does not meet man, then there is no luck.. So if you build the building but no-one moves in, then that building cannot give anyone luck if they don’t occupy it.

The fact that the “Earth Construction Date” includes the relationship between “Earth and Man” ie the building is only inaugurated once “Man” occupies the building… recognizes the deep connection the Chinese understand about the relationship between Heaven, Earth and Man.

The understanding of Heaven, Earth and Man is the backbone for many Ancient Chinese Healing Arts and Feng Shui in particular. To get more information about Heaven, Earth and Man… go here.


The “Move In Date” School

The “Move in Date” method of the Flying Stars incorporates an understanding that wherever a person goes his/her luck and fortune follows and this is what Feng Shui should stimulate… Essentially this follows the concept that Man’s destiny is the strongest aspect to his/her life and therefore, the Man’s Luck becomes the focus for the Feng Shui Consultation.

Another way of looking at this is to understand that Man is born with his/her own destiny and they must fulfill it before they finish their lives. Therefore, the strongest thing propelling them forward in their lives is their destiny. This is not an untrue representation because even the Chinese believe that destiny is the most powerful thing in people’s lives…

In the application of “Move in Date” there is the belief is that the person will create an interaction with the living environment, and this will further influence the luck and Feng Shui of the person. In other words, we bring our fortune into the environment and we attract the fortune and fate of the five elements accordingly.

This is why one person can move into a building and their luck is good, and another person can move into the same building and their luck is bad.

Having said that, in Feng Shui there can be the phenomena of bad Feng Shui – when the Feng Shui layout of a building or the building design and arrangement is so bad it affects everyone.


The Common Feng Shui Rules that Apply to Both Schools of the Flying Stars Method

  1. If the building is completely unoccupied for more than 100 days it changes the horoscope of the building into the current time period Age. For instance, since Feb 2004 we are in an Age of 8 / Period of 8. This means that any building unoccupied for more than 100 days between Feb 4th 2004 and Jan 3 2023 will become an Age of 8 building. So even if the building was constructed and first occupied in an Age of 6 / Period 6, if it is left unoccupied for 100 days the building horoscope (Flying Stars Chart for the building) will change to become an Age of 8 / Period 8 Building.
  2. If a building is renovated in a way where there is a new floor level installed, it changes the horoscope of the building to the current time Age. For instance, if you did a large renovation and added a new floor level to your house in an Age of 7, your entire building will come under the category of Age 7. If you add a new floor level in an Age of 8, your building will come under the category of Age 8 (ie the building will be ruled by the Age 8 horoscope).
  3. If you change the roof of your building and open the roof to the sky, you will change the building horoscope to the current time era. Again, if you do this in an Age of 6, your building becomes Age 6, if you do it in an Age of 8, your building becomes Age 8.
  4. In both the Construction Date and the Move In Date Schools, both interpretations of Feng Shui are only activated once the people Move in to the Building. So if the building has been built but not occupied, the building is not considered to be “Born” until it is occupied by people. This is in keeping with the understanding and relationship between Heaven, Earth and Man.



The Pro’s and Con’s – Earth Construction Date

Both methods of the Flying Stars Method helps to harmonize the person with their building.

The “Earth Construction Date” Chart, helps strengthen the energy of the building—which can help the people.

Essentially when any building is first built—this is the time where the Ch’i inside the building is the strongest. After 20 years of so, the building Ch’i starts to wind down because the people are absorbing this good Ch’i.

After a period of time, the energy of any building needs to be renewed so that we can create new Ch’i (for the people to absorb).

When the Earth Energies are in pristine condition they have the capacity to act beyond man, meaning: that when they are powerful – even if we aren’t up to par, the energy of the five elements can bring us good energy. So when we harmonize ourselves with the five elements this has the capacity to make our lives go smoother (because the five elements are full of life!).

Sometimes Earth energies can build up toxic Ch’i due to the fact that there is a lot of movement going on under the ground (ie underground volcano’s, etc) and under the seas (affecting coastlines). In fact, in the science of earth radiation it is not uncommon for people to need their earth energies treated and updated regularly. Shifting energies like this can cause toxic build ups – which affect the people who live there…

Right throughout the history of Feng Shui, Master have advised their clients against living in certain earth energies for these very reasons.

These days working with the Earth Energies of buildings can be complex in modern day living. This is because even though buildings may be built in one time period, they may be renovated in another period – making a change to one part of the building horoscope. Ultimately, this can create “mixed energies” in buildings – which may or may not be positive… When it comes to having a building with several horoscopes, the Ch’i becomes impossible to stimulate or direct properly.
The Pro’s and Con’s – The Move In Date

Both methods of the Flying Stars Method helps to harmonize the person with their building.

My observation is that the “Move in Date” is often more dynamic for people these days because our lifestyles and the way we live is so dynamic ie our whole life is created around who we are and what we do. This is an of itself makes us very transient as human beings and the “Move in date” supports this (in my experience) because it activates the energy of now!

These days the Earth Energies are not in pristine condition. In fact, hardly anywhere on earth are the earth energies (and the five elements) in pristine conditions.

Deranged weather patterns, holes in the ozone layer, ice caps that are melting, frequent earth disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc), mounting pollution in the air, earth and water (the oceans) are signs that the five elements are in distress. When the five elements are in such instability they are not easy to stimulate.

Over the past few years, I believe that the “Earth Energies” have become very unreliable and difficult to stimulate due to the mounting problems within mother nature. The compounding situation here is that when the earth becomes disturbed—this influence begins to affect people. This is why it is sometimes easier to stimulate the luck of the person than the luck of the earth.

When you begin to work with Move in Date horoscopes it reflects the person’s luck and energy significantly in the building horoscope. In my experience this is very different to working with earth energies. Sometimes, stimulating someone luck helps them to work through their own situations easier and this let’s them work through obstacles faster than you could do if you worked with the earth energies. I’ve noticed that people seem to take the power of the lesson to a greater extent.


Which Flying Stars School Should I Use?

Ultimately, I feel that at the end of the day its not about which school of the Flying Stars Method is right and which is wrong… Like anything both have their merits. One of the major differences between the two schools is that one stimulates our earth luck and the other stimulates our man luck.

For instance, if we take a building that was constructed in 1965 (Age of 6 / Period 6) and the building has actually gone through a number of renovations and extensions. Let’s say these extensions and building additions were added on in different time periods – this can have the effect of creating a number of different Flying Stars Charts/Building Horoscopes for the building. Ultimately, this can have the effect of dispersing or weakening the Ch’i of the building the Ch’i has already been consumed by the people when it was first build and parts of the building will be old and run down.

In my experience, it doesn’t matter how much you try to strengthen Feng Shui like this it becomes mixed – and you can only strengthen a mixture.

Any building is strongest in Chi when it is first built and when the earth energies are strong like this – it is very beneficial to stimulate them. Without a doubt, a building that is built in the current time period can be the most powerful (because this building naturally works off the Earth Construction Date AND the Move In Date).

A building that is left alone for more than 100 days changes its horoscope anyway.

Even though we can estimate a building has built in the x, y, z, time period, often we cannot truly know if this building has been left dormant and therefore changed its horoscope… (even though we may know the building was constructed and occupied in 1912 for instance).

So, if the building was left dormant for more than 100 days – its horoscope has changed… And, if we are renting or buying – its almost impossible know this!!

Additionally, if we don’t have access to the accurate information about that building then we may not be able to be accurate when choosing the Earth Construction Date method (which means our whole Feng Shui can be wrong if we basing our Flying Stars on the Earth Construction Date)…

One of the final things I notice these days is the affect of climate change.

What to say..! the ice caps are melting, the weather conditions are disturbed, the hole in the ozone layer get’s larger… in the meantime, there are more earth disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc, and more environmental threats (such as whole islands under threat due to the rising waters, etc). The question is – how stable are the five elements these days, how can they be harmonized when they are so disturbed and how much can they be relied upon?

Although I am not advocating one method Flying Stars Method against the other… (and the fact is I practice both – depending on my client and the situation) just this one point alone gives a compelling reason to consider the Move in Date as an option until the earthly conditions are stable again. Having said that, if you’ve just built your home/building, the earth construction energies will be very strong for the first 20 years and more stable and easy to stimulate with Feng Shui. This entire discussion is food for thought!