Keeping Love Alive


Keeping the Love Alive – is it easy or difficult?

Incredibly, Feng Shui is the only interior design technique that actively works to keep a family unit connected, in harmony and operating as a whole.

It also works to strengthen and maintain existing love relationships and keep them in a nurtured state.  But is it a simple question of “setting and forgetting?”  I mean, if your single can you do a mail order on your perfect relationship and watch the clock for it to mysteriously appear???

Well the answer is no, you’ll still always need to go out on a Saturday and night and you’ll always need to work at maintaining harmony in your relationship as well, but Feng Shui does have a high track record for instilling the romantic feelings and creating the right environment for a good relationship.  It’s kind of like having an environment that keeps the right atmosphere for you all the time – but what you do with it is up to you.

Having said that there are some pretty good ancient Feng Shui formulas that do seem to attract romance, marriage and relationships…  I really mean I have witnessed some unbelievable meetings and connections over the years …

But don’t forget the important bits like the little love notes, the spontaneous picnics, the sense of humor that gets you through the rough parts… And don’t forget the friendship side of it.  These small and deeply significant important details are what get you through the tough times and they help to keep your relationship prosperous, happy and alive once you get it…