Long Distance Office Fengshui


How does it work doing the Feng Shui of an office long distance?

Second Question: Is it possible to really do a good job with Feng Shui when its all long distance?

Well believe it or not, if you can get a good compass reading of the building online (via google) and you have the right photos, you can actually be really accurate.  I mean I have been building and consulting now for almost 25 years so it’s not like I dont know what’s going on…

In fact, sometimes doing a whole office building is easier than doing a residential consultation – simply because your areas already have a function and a way that they have to be.

For instance, you know who your key players are. You know what these Key players need to do in your business and you know how they need to do it. You don’t always get the same luxury with a family, family relationships or family life:-).

Oftentimes a building layout can be easier to arrange with Feng Shui compared to domestic simply because a) its a blank canvas and
b) even in partially built buildings there’s often a lot of flexibility due to so many office buildings already having been designed with wide open spaces (to work with).

So Long Distance Consultations are very effective and powerful I find.

I personally have been doing Long Distance Office Consultations now for almost 15 years.

During this time I have:

  • Built lots of buildings (in a single bound 🙂 )
  • Renovated and Expanded clients into extended offices
  • Created totally new Office Fit-outs
  • Executed Problem Solving Feng Shui techniques for brand new and existing clients
  • Generally created a lot good Feng Shui.

These days I have an online conferencing system that helps with Long Distance Consultations.

It allows the client to see my screen (after I have worked through all my calculations) and I video all consultations.

I also do Chinese Astrology this way as well (and every client gets a video of the reading).

If you’d like to ask me a question about this contact me right here:
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