What Are Remedies?


What are Feng Shui Cures and Remedies?  Primarily Feng Shui Remedies and Cures are either “Chinese style objects” designed to address a particular problem in the Feng Shui – for instance a medicine gourd helps to remedy sickness. 

OR Feng Shui Cures and Remedies can  be the actual “interior design or decorative features” we add to our homes and environments.  Usually when we consult at this level we would use these features to stimulate, correct or even counter-act something (in the environment) at an unseen level.

So what determines what goes where?
In reality it’s the Building Horoscope that determines where a Feng Shui cure or remedy needs to be and the information in the building horoscope also indicates how the Feng Shui Cure or Remedy needs to be applied.   For instance, it will show what color or what material needs to be used (ie wood, earth, water, etc) and the exact spot this needs to be positioned to be effective.

Essentially we keep four things in mind when applying remedies and cures:

  • Reason – There needs to be a reason for the remedy i.e. You might want to counter-act an energy, hold a leaking energy, stimulate an energy, reduce an energy, raise the vibrations in an area, etc.
  • Place – Technically the cure or remedy needs a particular position to go in to be effective
  • Criteria – perhaps the remedy needs to be made of certain materials such as metallic materials or earth materials.
  • Effect – in reality we always look into the effectiveness of the remedy.  For instance, if we need a large amount of metal but we only position a few small metallic things – this installation may not be effective because it’s not the right dosage.

Sometimes the criteria a remedy needs to fulfil a certain objective in a room such as blocking another energy or opening up a space to receive better energy.

Other times, there could be an order to install your remedies in ie fix this before you add that remedy type of thing…

This is the great wonder of Feng Shui Cures and Remedies and it’s the reason why they can have such a magical effect when positioned in the right spot for your unique situation.

Another example of effect is adding a Feng Shui Cure or Remedy to suit the purpose.

For instance, if you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you and you still want to stay with him, you don’t need to install a romance remedy to try and attract him back to you (because this might also stimulate the romance between him and someone else).

Instead its more useful to install a remedy that puts a focus on this extra romance because this has a better chance of helping him work the situation out properly ie sometimes men have flings for all kinds of reasons that are not romantic.   Escapism is a classic example of this.  So if you put the focus on the romance – this will highlight issues and a person has more ability to work through it, compared to a tug of war over romance.  Understand?

So what kind of cure or remedy can I use in my home (you may be wondering)…?
Well there a lot of Feng Shui Cures and Remedies we use to simply create more harmony.

For instance, a peach brings happiness, joy and long life or health to a situation.  A crystal generates positive energy – especially a crystal tree (because this implies growth and energy).  A money frog catches money and this type of remedy can be very helpful around us – if we need to catch more money (rather than spend it).  Some remedies bring peace, some bring stimulation, some bring blessings to health or wealth.  Visit our store and have a little look.