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[subtitle]When Building Materials are the Feng Shui Remedy [/subtitle]

Can the Building Materials be the Feng Shui Cures and Remedies…?

Feng Shui principles incorporate the use of the Five Elements in a ‘Cycle of Harmony’ (Fire-Earth-Metal-Water-Wood).

Essentially this means that in Feng Shui we understand that certain elements positioned into certain positions (according to your building horoscope), can bring the energy of that sector alive, making it powerful and energized.

So having the luxury of using Feng Shui principles at the beginning of your building project allows you to add the correct building materials and really enhance your building.  For instance, if ‘the Earth element’ is required, we can add marble, granite, terracotta etc.

Alternatively, if you need ‘the Metal element’ to reduce negative energies, Brass or Copper could be incorporated to create spectacular design features.

These days Water Features are popular Interior Design features in modern homes.  New design options, modern structural and plumbing technologies allow home owners to seriously consider including a Water Feature in their Interior Design.  This is a great bonus you can enjoy when the effect of beautifully selected Interior Design Water Features highlight running water which acts as a stimulant to create a more prosperity for your building.

Whatever the element or building material used, it is important that the design ‘fits in’ with the overall home design… as if it was meant to be there… this allows the Chi to flow well in a building and make the entire house prosperous.

Adding the correct building materials and finishes can also alleviate the need for adding remedies later.  Having said that, not everything can be “fixed” by adding the right building materials or finishes.  Sometimes Building Horoscopes show a need for additional support and that’s why symbolic objects, etc, such as a peace Buddha are used.

The other Feng Shui Cure or Remedy in a similar category to building materials is the use of Color – this can be in the form of painted surfaces, furnishings or even artwork.

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