Structural Corrections


When Structural Layouts are the Feng Shui Remedy.  In reality, the most powerful way to use Feng Shui is building.  Of course the second most powerful way to produce brilliant results is by renovating or re-designing certain aspects of a building.

So when a Feng Shui Master recommends a structural changes its because they have discovered something so outstanding that it can only be corrected by remodeling the structure. Usually when this happens the client’s life is significantly affected.  Likewise, when the area is changed, the client takes a great high jump over whatever obstacles they were encountering.  It’s a good option.

To give you an example, if it happens that the Main Entrance of the home is in an energy that could cause the bankruptcy of the father of the house, or serious illness / endless problems to family members due to the triggering of negative energy… the Feng Shui Master has a substantial reason to suggest the change.

Some people may see this as inconvenient, however the reality is; if you own the home, this is a very worthwhile long term investment.

Depending on the potential positive effect of the change (an experienced Feng Shui Master will know…) you may not only change your fortune – the renovation could possibly take you from pauper to a prince in the long term…  I’ve had many personal experiences of this.

Another use of the same remedy strategy:
Feng Shui Masters sometimes suggest structural corrections where they can see an incredible chance for a family/client to increase their luck or overall fortune.

To clarify:
this means that although their Feng Shui is not bad…  if they were to carry out a, b or c structural change, they would have a configuration that could truly boost their Feng Shui from not bad… to pretty damn fantastic.

So these are the types of things any client should consider if an experienced Feng Shui Master with a good track record of success makes a recommendation.

There are particular types of Feng Shui Structural Arrangements used throughout Asia for enhancing prosperity fortunes:

“Water Dragon” Feng Shui
Water Dragon Feng Shui is a branch of Feng Shui entirely dedicated to wealth creation. It is very well known throughout Asia for creating wealth that lasts for generations; however, it needs a “base of good Feng Shui pre-existing in the building” to be successful.  An experienced Feng Shui Master would be able to advise further if there is a way to install a Water Dragon Feature to enhance your prosperity x 10!

Double Prosperity Configurations
“Double Prosperity” configurations literally means your prosperity indeed has the capacity to double if the right conditions exist in your structural layout. This is another situation I’ve personally witnessed on many, many occasions over the last 20 years and I can confirm this works, when the right conditions are present.

Pearl Dragon Gate
This application of this specialized Feng Shui (when possible) opens up a lot of fortune for every household member when the right conditions exist in the environment.  Essentially it is adding a door into a secret wealth location – which opens up the Dragon’s Pearl.

In Summary
Each of the above mentioned Structural Correction opportunities fall into a completely different realm of Feng Shui in reality.  Essentially you are fitting into the category of ‘wealth creation’ compared to the usual ‘wealth restoring’ Feng Shui approach (common with every consultation).

So having the change to actively create wealth is a completely different league to having to restore it to a building and this puts a completely different perspective on the potential power of Feng Shui.

While not every building needs to be re-structured, if your consultant has actually suggested a structural change, feel free to ask them why they’ve made this recommendation and discuss it further.

If you’re not convinced about the recommendation, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. 🙂