5 Element Remedies


In Feng Shui we talk about the 5 Elements – but what are the 5 Elements? 

Historically, in various ancient cultures there is a great importance behind using the Five Elements of: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood to heal sickness, enhance a building, cure a bad energy…

In Feng Shui we say:
The ashes of the fire nourish the earth…
Earth moves and shifts underground and the friction creates metal.
Wherever metal is…water is found.
Water feeds wood, so water makes the plants grow.
Finally, wood burns to feed the fire…
This is the eternal cycle…

The use of the Five Elements in Feng Shui is an important part of any Consultation.  Having said that, applying these correctly does require a great deal of skill.

However, 5 element cures and remedies devised by Feng Shui Masters are mainly done in conjunction with the Flying Stars or 8 Mansions Horoscope of a building.  Only this these types of Feng Shui application and building horoscope can really reveal the true 5 elemental needs for any building.

So even though we know that this particular type of Feng Shui Remedy can literally “calm the building and surrounding environment” at a very deep level it’s not really possible to adequately guide any reader in how to identify these needs or how to remedy an area.

And worse still:
It’s not as simple as saying we have a lot of rounded objects therefore the environment is ruled by metal.  The reality is there are many other elemental influences at and unseen level and these must be identified before constructing a proper remedy to apply to a problem area..

Applying Feng Shui Cures and Remedies in this way, is like having a personalized medicine for your building and remedies are often 5 times more powerful because they deeply affect the core of the building horoscope.

Because the five elements remedies are the hardest to design…  as a Feng Shui Master, I don’t recommend designing them yourself.

In my observation, I’ve never seen even very intuitive people develop or guess the correct remedy for difficult 5 Element remedy situations – forget it!

(Step Away from even thinking about the 5 Element Remedies Mildred…  Step Away… 🙂 )