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Selecting Objects to Enhance Feng Shui.  We can definitely create good Feng Shui adding the right objects but the big $64,000 question is:  Which are the right objects? 

Essentially, the short answer to this is: 
It’s going to be unique to your building, what are you doing in the building (ie is it a home or a business and if it is a business then what kind of business), who is there (what kind of horoscope do they have) and finally, What kind of building Horoscope does the Building have?  AND, does the internal layout of the building support and enhance that Building horoscope.  Phew – are you tired??  Do you need a little rest after that.

The truth is: there’s a lot of calculation and proper examination that goes into any Feng Shui Consultation.

I realize the magazines and TV shows make it look like its a 5 minute affair to come up with all the winning answers BUT THE REAL TRUTH is something different.

After Studying Feng Shui in Asia for the past 20+ years I notice that even today there is still a vast difference to the way Feng Shui is practiced in the West compared to how the Chinese still practice it in the East.

For instance, the Chinese will usually check the Feng Shui condition of a building (ie the horoscope of the building) before they buy it or rent it.

Since Feng Shui is embedded in their culture over thousands of years of “successful use” they have an intimate level of understanding how to use Feng Shui.

Outside of Asia, the same level of understanding is not obvious. Many Westerners don’t realize the potentials Feng Shui can offer so they practice the tiny percentage that real Feng Shui can offer (ie adding objects and remedies afterwards) and they mistakenly thing that everything can be fixed by adding a Feng Shui Remedy.  So their chances for success are considerably less – simply because they are unaware of them.

The most common use of Feng Shui in western countries is the adding of Feng Shui Cures and Remedies after a building is built.

So even though this is a “better than nothing” position in reality it is still a secondary position (because the first position is building with Feng Shui – which is commonly done right throughout Asia).

With this information in mind, Feng Shui Remedies added after the fact can still have the potential to make “substantial” and very powerful changes to your life – even if there are some large defects in the building. And adding the right Feng Shui remedies to the right spot after the fact can still correct these defects.

However… Please don’t let yourself think that everything can be fixed and “cured” by adding Feng Shui cures and remedies here or there.

After all if you go to the doctor with a serious health complaint – you already know that he/she can’t remedy everything – so you need to be open to what the possibilities are…

Being in a position of Wealth Creation is definitely a more powerful place compared to “trying” to deal with Wealth Restoration.

If you’re in the position of building, renovating or remodeling something within your home, office or workplace… the most powerful thing you can do is getting to know the good, bad and ugly of your building before you do any of this work.

This puts you in a stronger position to begin with and it can make you very, very, VERY prosperous as well!  🙂