Feng Shui Colors


When Color Becomes Your Feng Shui Remedy… How do Feng Shui Masters Use Color in Feng Shui ?
To begin with:

Out of all the types of remedies choices you can use in Feng Shui, Color has definitely got the most powerful and enduring effect on people.

In reality, Feng Shui Masters use it to restore vitality to a building, workspace, bedroom, and the right colors can even restore your relationship, your health, your wealth, it can activate prosperity, reduce negative energies, restore balance to troubled areas, etc, etc.

Each of the Five Elements in Feng Shui is represented by a Color (or family of Colors).

Having said that, installing various colors does not install the 5 elements into the building (with the exception of the Fire Element) .

For instance:
The Earth Element is always strongest in square shapes and form;
The Metal Element is always strongest in metallic sound (such as a wind chime or a bell)
The Water Element is always strongest in the presence of physical water
The Wood Element is always strongest in the form of living plants
BUT…  The Fire Element is always Strongest in the form of Color

Therefore, the family of Red colors (including pinks and purples) remains the strongest form of fire element you can ever add to a building – which is why Feng Shui Masters are careful about installing red (according to the horoscope of a building) as it is known to activate negative energies if positioned in the wrong place.

SO… This makes the fire element the strongest trigger for both positive and negative energies.

In the right place, the fire element can increase health and vitality, prosperity and yang chi/energy.  And in the wrong place (according to the building horoscope): the fire element can trigger lots of negative bad luck energy for the people who live there and it will eventually send all the negative energies into a real spin – until they are out of control and wreak havoc.

The Link Between Color and Emotions:
Any application of color can shape the emotions you will experience in a building.  Color can uplift – bringing vitality, creating excitement, making you feel more powerful, assist in building health, etc.  Conversely, the wrong colors in these same areas will affect everyone in the household as well as guests making them feel quite subdued or anxious; depressed, lowly and deprived.

An important key in using color lies in the relationship these colors have in relation to the five element s and the building horoscope (even though they are not the 5 elements as previously explained). Add the wrong colors to the wrong area and it will definitely deflate the environment – add the right color and you’ll bring the environment alive.

Always test your environment using sample paint pots and carefully examine the effects in terms of the vibrancy the color creates in any room.

AND, if the room starts to “feel bad” after having a certain color introduced – do not go ahead and paint the whole room that color… 🙂