Feng Shui Lighting


When Using Light is the Feng Shui Remedy.  How to Use Lighting in Feng Shui and Make the Most of it… Introducing the Celestial Remedy of Light

If you think that light is not a celestial remedy in Feng Shui then take a moment to imagine what life would be like without light!

Whether it’s natural daylight or the man-made variety, light and lighting in Feng Shui is considered to be the source of Yang Chi Energy.  Therefore, it has a deep connection to “Sheng Ch’i” – the energy that can completely re-vitalize us.

“Light” is such an important part of life that being deprived of light is known to have a profound effect on any personality.

For instance: working, studying or occupying a windowless building or a dimly lit building for many hours a day, every day, has a devastating effect on individuals of all ages.

Not only are these conditions known to be “less than productive work-spaces”… in effect they can trigger depression and hopelessness in some individuals and are particularly debilitating for young children and sensitive people.

Think that’s an overstatement?

Well consider this:
Even nowadays, restricting a person’s lighting is a common form of punishment for modern day prisoners – modern day prisons are still built like this now!!  And in war time prisoners were deliberately placed in windowless, unlit rooms or cubicles in an effort to control, subdue or interrogate them.

So what does Light really do in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, we use light (as a celestial remedy) “to give life” and this is why it’s so strongly associated with Life Giving Chi (Sheng Chi).

Not only can natural light or special lighting effects completely transform dark, stagnant, lifeless rooms – they can even transform rooms that have known toxic energies when the correct lighting is added to the right positions.

Having said that – you need to be aware of the opposite phenomena which is: Excessive Light

For instance, even though it may be hard for many to imagine “excess light,” excessive light does create really, really bad  and very disturbed Feng Shui.

It’s a well known fact in Feng Shui that people who are exposed to excessive light and lighting can become hyperactive, nervous and ‘peace-less’ because they’re so overstimulated.

In fact, for young children and the elderly the results are devastating.

The most telling sign is the way it comes out in behavior.  Young children especially may exhibit behaviors that are like the symptoms of ADD, whilst the elderly may become restless, critical and even suicidal.

Excess light makes anyone extremely restless and unable to focus.  In these conditions you cannot have peace or harmony in your home.

So in the End
Improving the lighting in any dimly lit room is sure to help, however do design your lighting effects in a way where you can regulate them ie adding more when needed and less when needed.

This way you will be using one of nature’s most powerful remedies in an accurate way.  🙂