How Feng Shui Works


How Does a Feng Shui Consultation Work ?

In reality each different type of Feng Shui Consultation may have unique ways in which it needs to happen.

For instance, home building IS totally different to doing a renovation, and it IS different again from a relocation, and different again from doing a consultation for an existing building (where we just come in and do the Feng Shui).  The preparations are different, the calculations (of the Feng Shui) are different, the way we have to analyze the site is different, the outcomes we aim to create are different.  For instance, when you build a home, it requires a lot of calculation to:

  1. Make Sure everyone is set up right
  2. Make sure all the family living spaces will be occupying the good energy of the house vs the bad energy (eek!)
  3. We want to make sure the house can keep good Feng Shui for as much time as possible (and not run out of Good Feng Shui quickly – so there is a time element to consider)
  4. We want to see how the placement of the rooms or the activation of the living spaces can “deactivate” negative energies or enhance the positive energies…
  5. We need to identify if there are any elements of the building horoscope that will work against a person’s “personal horoscope” (and what we could do to neutralize it at the building stage).
  6. Then we begin to examine the surrounding environment, including the roads, other buildings or other features within the environment that could impact.

So, as you can see there is whole lot of stuff and many layers that goes on in any consultation. To find out what happens in your type of consultation click on the links below:

  • Complete building from the ground up
  • Major renovation including extensions, floor levels, etc.
  • Remodeling or redecorating areas of the home
  • Changing the use of certain rooms (ie changing people within rooms or remodeling areas that require room change)
  • Before you buy it consultations
  • Problem Solving Consultations
  • Relocation Consultations
  • Good Old Fashioned Everyday Feng Shui Consultation (to an existing building you live in)