Feng Shui Ornaments Symbolic


Symbolic Remedies that Add Protective Feng Shui.  Do Feng Shui Master Use Religious and Symbolic Objects to Promote Positive Energy?  You may be amazed to discover…

Religious or symbolic objects bring “heavenly blessings” or a “heavenly aspect” to the home or business according to Feng Shui.

Essentially symbolic or religious objects are used to raise the vibrations within a building as well as bring a heavenly influence to people.

To give an example, people working in an office commonly display their goals on the wall of their work cubicle.  These might include sales targets or affirmations to help remind them to make changes in their lives or follow their dreams.

In a similar way, symbolic objects keep ‘a positive message’ foremost in your mind.  Feng Shui practitioners liken it to reminding the ‘Soul’ that ‘heaven’ is looking after you.  At an unconscious level this type of ‘message’ is very soothing.

The Chinese place religious objects in a reverent and respectful ways.  For instance they will often find a good date in the Tong Shu (astrological almanac) to place the wealth god or kitchen god in their homes.  They consider setting up dedicated Meditation spaces or setting up an alter to be an important event and they would never position their gods in a bathroom or the bedroom where intimacy takes place.

A way they may use symbolic objects is to place a medicine gourd next to a photo of a loved one and burn joss sticks and joss papers in an effort to ask the Gods for help in their situation.

So using symbolic items like wealth trees, mandarin ducks can be used to make us feel wealthy, strong, protected, loved, connected and successful in Feng Shui.

Additionally, we can use symbolic remedies and religious objects and prayers according to our personal horoscopes, the building horoscope or other unseen astrological elements to change our luck and fortune in a troubled area of life.

Using religious and symbolic objects in Feng Shui is a fairly safe procedure because its more connected to the symbolism that’s significant and personal to us.

Position whatever feels comfortable and thought for you in your close proximity and don’t forget to censor what goes into the bathroom or bedroom (mandarin ducks are fine in the bedroom but Kwan yin and Buddha’s are not so good in intimate spaces).  AND… Most Important!  If something does NOT feel right… take it away, let the energy of the area restore itself, and try it somewhere else…

May your Feng Shui Symbolism be good !