Fengshui Cures and Tips Checklist


Feng Shui Cures, Tips and Remedy Checklist

Use Our Feng Shui Remedy Checklist To Help You Apply Your Remedies…

Over thousands of years, Feng Shui Masters have perfected every aspect of Chinese Feng Shui Remedies and the cures and remedies are well thought out to bring greatest comfort and safety to those who use them.

Sometimes however, I’ve seen extreme examples of Feng Shui Remedy overkill!  I’ve been in homes where people have placed hundreds of Chinese Remedies around the house with no particular reason for having them there. Now this is fine if life is going well … But if you’re always battling and coming up against hard times, I’d like to provide some guidance regarding the use of Feng Shui Remedies:

  1. Listen to your intuition – If you’ve placed a remedy in a particular spot it will generally have a good effect on your life.  In particular symbolic remedies are reasonably safe to add anywhere.  However, if life starts to become difficult, you need to consider it might not be in the right spot and it could be good to position it somewhere else (or remove it for a little while to see what happens when its not in that area anymore…).
  2. Have a reason for placing a remedy – Know why you’re adding a remedy and what you want this remedy to fix – write them down and record your remedies.  In the days after you install the remedy, ask yourself: Has it started to fix the problem or enhance a certain aspect?  Consciously monitor the results.
  3. Always add Feng Shui Remedies one at a time – remember to leave a period of time (1 week perhaps) before adding the next Remedy.  If you record your remedy installation you’ll be able to tell which remedies work and which ones don’t work.
  4. Add your Water Feature as a stand-alone remedy – To be especially careful, don’t add any other remedy in the same time period (within at least 3 weeks) to ensure the water feature is having a positive effect.
  5. Take care when adding lighting or moving object remedies as they can trigger negative energies effects as well (if they are not in the right position).
  6. Remove anything if you notice negative effects.
  7. Adding remedies from the 1st week in February (to the middle of February) is the worst time to add remedies in any year.  This is the time where the yearly Feng Shui influences change – so it’s very easy to trigger negative energies at this time.

Finally, I’d like to refer you to our Feng Shui Remedy Store.. where we have  descriptions for many of our remedies..  In some descriptions you’ll find I’ve included some Feng Shui Tips and guidelines for each remedy as well as the use and application.  If in doubt, look up your remedy to find out more.