Feng Shui Water Fountain


Water Remedies to Activate Feng Shui Prosperity. The World of Feng Shui Water Remedies and the Profound Impact of Water Features in Creating Wealth

Creating wealth with water configurations and the use of water features in Feng Shui is a long established practice in Feng Shui.   In fact, many Asian countries have a long list of successful water features which they’ve used to boost wealth and prosperity amongst wealthy families.  Water dragon formulas and applications are, in particular, a rich mans sport.

The ancient Chinese have a saying which reflects the secrets to arranging prosperous water features:

The Chinese say:
“The energy dissipated by the Wind.
Stops at the boundary of Water…”

Simply translated, this means that the life force energy that would normally leak in a landscape is allowed to gather and hover where there is water.

In reality there is a lot to consider when designing water features – the shape, the materials it is made from, the direction the water flows within the water feature, or how the water will meander and accumulate.  The more experienced Feng Shui Masters will know the outcome of the water and what’s capable of creating (for a person) BEFORE the feature is built.

Even though every school of Feng Shui has its own knowledge around water features; how they need to be built (for that environment), how it has to be positioned, other information needed to make it successful… probably the most powerful of all applications are “The Water Dragon Formulas” which are best used in conjunction with the Flying Stars Method.

Having said all that not every building can have a prosperous water feature or a water dragon.

Things within the environment have to be right in order to create actual prosperity.  For instance, the Feng Shui within the building must be good to start with and have a solid base (as we call it).  Then when you add the right feature (which a fountain definitely can be) – it will activate prosperity for you.

This means it needs to be able to sustain any fortune created by the water feature and, additionally, the people have to be able to manage the wealth.

3 Major Myths to clear up around water features:

  1. All water features create prosperity
    False.  Positioning water somewhere (anywhere) does NOT make it prosperous or capable of activating prosperity for you.  Positioning it in the right spot and having the right conditions within the environment definitely does create prosperity.
  2. Having a water feature at your front door is prosperous.
    Completely Incorrect!  If you have negative unseen energy at your front door – the water feature will amplify the negativity. Not all buildings can have prosperity energies at their front doors – don’t assume this – get help!
  3. You can put a water feature wherever you want and it will produce good results.
    False.  If you add a water feature to an area and you notice you have a lot of bad luck after you position it.  Remove it immediately – there is somewhere better it can go (and it’s obviously not where you placed it!).